Date:Agosto 24, 2016


Lemorau CR 1000 Is a compact machine, very affordable and simple to use. It has been designed for slitting and rewinding substrates from a master roll 1000 mm (3.2 ft) wide. It is a very sturdy machine and available in a variety of configurations. Since it was designed and built-in-house, we can customize the machine according to customer needs. CR 1000 is controlled through a color touch screen panel, which is very straightforward and easy to operate. Each rewinder and unwind tensions are fully independent and adjustable on the touch scree panel. CR 1000 is able to run a wide range of substrates such as paper, cardboard and films.

CR 1000 AP WEB


» Maximum speed 100 meters per minute (328 ft/min.);
» Web width 1000 mm (39.3 in);
» Electronic counter (Meters/ Total Meters/Rolls counter);
» Pneumatic unwind mandrel of 76 mm (3 in);
» Maximum rewinder diameter 800 mm (31,5 in);
» Pneumatic unwind mandrel with lateral adjustment;
» Automatic web tension control system – Constant and Taper tension;
» 250 Job memory for easy and quick job set up;
» Paper break detection;
» Labels in/ labels out rewinding;
» Remote assistance through internet connection;
» Automatic stop at master roll end with programmable end of roll function;
» Multi language touch screen;
» Color touch screen HMI operator;
» 12 sets of circular knives;
» 2 pneumatic rewinders of 76 mm (3 in);
» Max. rewinder diameter 600 mm (24 in);
» Pneumatic nip roller;
» CE conformity certificated.

» Electronic web guide system with ultrasonic sensor which enables guiding of opaque and clear materials;
» Razor slitting knifes;
» Unwinder diameter, rewinders diameter and web width customized according to customer needs;
» Additional slitting knives;
» Friction shafts type;
» Anti Static Bar;
» Lay on Rollers;
» Cones shafts for unwinder;
» Splice Table;
» Air Drum to 6″.