Date:Agosto 24, 2016


Lemorau EBM 260 is a table top die cutting machine, cost effective and simple to use for blank labels production. EBM 260 is available with standard features as labels in/labels out rewinding, meters and labels counter, splice table with pneumatic clamps and independent tension control for unwinder, waste rewinder and rewinder. Compact size and sturdy  with short web path which minimizes set up waste. Lemorau EBM 260 is capable of die cutting, slitting and rewinding with maximum speed up to 120 m/min (398ft/min.)


» Maximum speed 120 meters per minute (398 ft/min.);
» Web width 250 mm (10 in);
» Electronic counter (Labels/Meters);
» Splice table with pneumatic clamps;
» Variable  web tension control;
» 3 sets of circular knives with lateral adjustment;
» 1 interchangeable pneumatic rewinder of 76 mm (3 in);
» Labels in/ labels out rewinding;
» Max. unwind diameter 450 mm (18 in);
» Max. rewinder diameter 360 mm (14 in);
» Die repeats 203,20 – 431,80 mm (8-17 in).

» Additional slitting knives;
» Double rewinding;
» Clear on clear sensor;
» Razor Slitting Knifes;
» Additional mandrels in customized sizes;
» Back scorer unit;
» Pressure gauges for die cutting unit;
» Electronic web guide system; 
» Work bench