Date:Agosto 24, 2016


Lemorau EBR is a Full Servo Die Cut To Register Slitter Rewinder Machine. It allows digital and inkjet printed webs to be finished quickly and economically. Using the latest servo drive technology the material can be converted into finished rolls or sheets at speeds up to 120 m/min. (398 ft/min.).  The machine can also produce die cut blank labels up to 200 m/min. (656 ft/min.), slitting and finishing all in one process. The registration tolerance is maintained during acceleration, deceleration and production time due the latest servo technology. Just three meters, is the average set up waste. The internet connection allows remote assistance any time. The Servo Driven web tension control of the unwinder, matrix rewinder and rewinders allows a very accurate rewinding tension. EBR is able to produce roll to roll as well as roll to sheet labels.


» Maximum speed 200 meters per minute (656 ft/min.);
» Web  width 250, 330, 400 mm (10,13,16 in);
» Electronic counter (Labels/Meters/Rolls counter/ Total counter in labels and meters);
» Adjustable splice table with pneumatic clamps;
» Electronic web guide system with ultrasonic sensor which enables guiding of opaque and clear materials;
» Automatic web tension control system by servo motors – Constant and Taper tension;
» 250 Job memory for easy and quick job set ups;
» 6 sets of circular knives with lateral adjustment;
» 2 interchangeable pneumatic rewinders of 25, 40 and 76 mm diameter (1, 1.5, 3 in);
» Paper and matrix break detection;
» Labels in/ labels out rewinding;
» Remote assistance through internet connection;
» Automatic stop at master roll end with programmable end of roll function;
» Semi- Automatic rewinding;
» Multi language touch screen;
» Foot pedal to jog the machine;
» 2000 linear meters (6562 ft) unwind with pneumatic mandrel;
» Die repeats 203,20 – 431,80 mm (8 – 17 in).
» Max rewinder diameter 440 mm (17.3 in);
» CE conformity certificated.

» Additional slitting knives;
» Air trim removal;
» Addition rotary die station;
» Back scorer unit;
» Modular 1 meter (3.3 ft) diameter unwind;
» Conveyor;
» Pressure gauges for die cutting unit;
» Lamination station;
» Clear on clear sensor;
» Razor slitting knives;
» Additional mandrels in customized sizes.