Date:Março 04, 2017


Lemorau CRL is a finishing machine that can be used in-line with a semi-rotary or flatbed printing machine. The web goes trough a buffer box with electronic sensors that allows a perfect synchronism between both machines. Due to the vacuum table and guide systems the web is tensioned and stripped. The slitting knives provide a clean and precise cut, and the air trim removal system does an excellent  job removing the edges. Servo motors allow a perfect rewinding in both rewinders and waste rewinder.CRL WEBSTANDARD FEATURES

» Maximum speed 100 meters per minute;
» Web width 250, 330, 400 mm;
» Electronic counter (Labels/Meters/Rolls counter/ Total counter in labels and meters);
» Automatic web tension control system by servo motors – Constant and Taper tension;
» 250 Job memory for easy and quick job set ups;
» 6 sets of circular knives with lateral adjustment;
» 2 interchangeable pneumatic rewinders of 25, 40 and 76 mm diameter (1, 1.5, 3 in);
» Paper and matrix break detection;
» Labels in/ labels out rewinding;
» Remote assistance through internet connection;
» Semi- Automatic rewinding;
» Multi language touch screen;
» Vacuum table;
» Buffer box with electronic sensors;
» Air trim removal;
» CE conformity certificated.

» Additional slitting knives;
» Clear on clear sensor;
» Razor slitting knives;
» Additional mandrels in custom sizes.