Who are we?

Founded in 1987 LEMORAU is a growing and innovative company that produces finishing machines for the world-wide label industry. Well established in the Portuguese market, we’ve been growing internationally over the last years and we are now exporting to 56 countries around the world.

Our Vision

To be recognized nationally and internationally | Develop an enduring and effective network sales | Provide a harmonious workplace | Productively, be an organized, effective and dynamic company | Make a difference with each customer, making each one of them a friend.

Technical Service

Our goal is to offer our customers the best after sales support possible. We have spare parts service available online  so customers can order the part suitable for each LEMORAU machine. We also have Technical Assistance request on the website, however Lemorau can support remotely by internet connection in our machines.

Lemorau – Converting Equipment Portfolio

LEMORAU products are designed to last a life time.

All our technicians are highly qualified with many years of know-how and experience gathered along the years.

Why choose Lemorau?

Working with Lemorau, we put at your disposal knowledge acquired over the years, and today, we have equipment distributed throughout the world that proves our excellence.

  • Superior quality machines, sturdy, reliable and easy to use
  • Equipment can be custom made to suit your particular application
  • Outstanding after sales service and products support

About Us

  • History

    Lemorau has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of machines in the labeling sector.

  • International

    We are currently represented World Wide by distributors in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

  • Technical Support

    Available online, we can support remotely by internet connection accessible in our machines and at customers’ facilities.

  • After Sales

    High qualified Delivery.  Spare parts service available online. Fast technical support remotely or at customers’ facilities.

What others say about us

Mark Peeters

MERVI – Belgium

“Lemorau made the machine entirely accord­ing to our requirements, willing to take up every challenge and accompany us with personal service.”

Manuel António


“We choose Lemorau mainly for the trust we have in the company. Prompt response, prompt technical assistance and above all quality of product, made us invest again, to have more responsiveness in the future.”

Gyula Magyari


” We chose a Lemorau machine because it fits our needs. It has the best quality-to-price ratio on the market, and we believe in family companies.”

Tarik Elhariry

KT SYS – Morocco

” We have chosen to acquire one Lemorau ICR3 inspection machine because it is a machine with the best quality-price ration on the market, and also from the echoes that we had heard in relation to Lemorau and the availability of after-sales service from the company.”

Grigore Vasilica


” The EBR-260 allows the company to complete ‘all necessary and desired operations’, plus has a lower price when compared with other brands.”

Oláh Klára


” We chose Lemorau because, after we contact them we get a very fast reaction and all the time answers to our questions, requests and support. Based on this we get confidence on Lemorau. Now we know that our decision to have a Lemorau machine was the best for us! “

José Sampaio

CODIMARC – Portugal

” The fact that this is the eighth machine ordered from Lemorau demonstrates the confidence we have in the equipment they develop and in their level of support.”

Mr. Casara

GRAFO – Italy

” We knew Lemorau products during the last Labelexpo through Erre Gi Elle and they seemed very interesting, with a good value for money ratio. Now we have an EBR+ die-cutter and we can confirm that the machine is well designed, easy to use, and offers at a competitive price the possibility of laminating and die-cutting the labels printed in our digital press, as well as to manufacture blank labels both in rotary and semi-rotary mode. It is certainly a machine suitable for blank labels as well as a finishing machine; simple, fast and well-made. We will certainly consider to purchase from Lemorau for our future needs.”

José Sampaio

CODIMARC – Portugal

” The high technological evolution of the Lemorau EBR 330, and also confidence in its excellent technical support, were the main reasons of our purchase decision.”

Armandina Magalhães and Alberto Leite

ETIPRINT – Portugal

” Etiprint has chosen to invest again in Lemorau machinery due to the constant growth that it has experienced in recent years, with Etiprint’s Armandina Magalhães and Alberto Leite noting the long-term relationship and trust between it and Lemorau as key to its decision to invest again.”

Vitor Oliveira

BESTGRAF – Portugal

” We bought another Lemorau machine based on the credibility of the company allied with the progressively evidenced high quality of its machines. ‘We have made this investment in order to provide our clients even greater assurance of quality and service. ‘Lemorau is also increasingly improving its machines, always with a very good quality/price.”

Vasco Oliveira

BETAFLEX – Portugal

” We bought our first Lemorau machine several years ago, and since then we have created a partnership based on my personal credibility of Lemorau, allied with evidenced quality. Furthermore, Lemorau is known for its excellent ratio between quality and price, and this machine fulfills all of our requirements.”